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About 7Tooti

7Tooti is a pet-oriented website that covers a wide range of pets and provides detailed information about each. Our team focuses on revealing different aspects of pets, cons, and prons, improving the lives of pets and pet parents. It's about providing the latest news, promotions, and pet parenting tips. It's the world's leader in containment, training, and lifestyle solutions to give pet owners more great moments with their pets. We love helping cats, dogs, and any home pets and their parents live happily together.

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IT, Software and web development department

Mostafa Barmshory

Mostafa,  With an excellent history of working in the computer and network security industry, PHP, Bash, Graphics Processing Unit, Java and many other skills he is the leader of IT/Software and Web department.

Masood Zarei

Masood, for many years he has been a core of our Software and Web development team. He is a hard worker and always is about to learn new knowledge. Every hard work will be easy when he is there.

Ali Abdollahi

Ali, With great knowledge of IT and network management he is our IT manager. Also, he is our graphist and does wonderful designing. With good knowledge, he is also one of our best market strategists.

Mohammad Hadi Mansouri

Hadi, a full-stack software developer, web designer, market analyzer, and many other fantastic skills. With a wide range of experiences, He is the heart of the team and always finds a way to every work and problem.